Couple at Party

Couple at Party

While both men and women can be desperate daters,  Charyn Gant  and Dahmenah M., give specific advice to women in their book, The Game Changers: How To Date Men in the 21st Century They state:

It could be that Desperate Dating behaviors are creating your loss of POWER.   Let’s talk about the word desperate.   Definition of “desperate”:

  1. Reckless or dangerous because of despair or urgency.
  2. Having an urgent need, desire, etc.
  3. Extreme or excessive.
  4. Having no hope; giving into despair.

1. Given a man your body without truly knowing who he was as a person?
2. Ever let a man you really don’t know, who has never taken you out on a date; constantly come over to your home to have sex, then leave?
3. Dated a man that cannot commit to you because he’s committed to another?
4. Dated a man that cannot take care of himself so you take care of him?
5. Dated or continue to date a man that was/ is physically, mentally and emotionally abusive to you?
6. Continually dated a man that you have caught in several lies because you believe you really like/ love him?
7. Have you ever been afraid to tell a man what you are looking for in a partner/ mate/ lover/ husband?
8. Chosen a man out of desperation or fear of being alone?
9. Rationalized away or made excuses for his negative behaviors instead of trusting your instincts?
10. Chased men instead of allowing a man to chase or court you?

If you answered “Yes” to 3 or more questions, you ARE a “Desperate Dater.”   The reason why it’s necessary for you to find out if you are a “Desperate Dater” is because with self-awareness comes change and with change comes a better life.

Remember:  men can answer these questions and be desperate daters, too! And nobody, male or female, likes a date someone who is desperate. Remind yourself of Earth’s abundance and keep faith in Black love.

 Source:  Gant, Charyn ; M., Dahmenah (2012-03-26). The Game Changers: How To Date Men in the 21st Century.

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