Brother at Sunset

Brother at Sunset

Watching the sunset.  Hiking in the woods.  Swimming in the ocean.  Bonding with trees.  Seeing animals play.  Making a wish upon a star.  Being close to nature brings us closer to who we really are, which is  love.  Try this:

  • If you date online, use a picture of yourself with a natural background as your profile picture
  • On your first date, visit a lake, the ocean, the mountains, or a meadow
  • Eat outdoors whenever the weather is nice, even if it is just a balcony or sidewalk cafe
  • Breathe deeply and take in fresh air whenever possible
  • Be kind to all living creatures, big and small
  • Observe a tree in all of its glory (really pay attention to all the details!)
  • Go outside on a sunny day and enjoy the feeling of the sun on your skin

Think of love, loving relationships, being in love, having love, enjoying love while you do nature-loving things.  Being loving attracts love.

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