Picture Perfect Cuties (Medium)Your profile picture is a big part of managing your online presence. I am often surprised by how many stunningly gorgeous people upload unflattering photographs of themselves when looking for a partner. Why?  It seems like one of the most ultimate forms of self-sabotage.  On the other hand, I really dislike the phoniness of a dated professional head shot when looking for love–getting an updated image and saving these images for your professional communications makes the most sense.  What else should you do?  Give yourself a chance by starting off on the right track:

  1. Manage your online presence. This includes all of your online profiles (personal and professional), websites, social media, and public documents such as newspaper articles. If there is something embarrassing or unflattering there, delete it if you can or counter it with another more positive online document.


  1. Choose your dating site photo carefully. This is the biggest mistake that I see over and over again. It’s a shame to see perfectly nice people look like crazy ax murderers just because they did not use a good picture. A “good” picture is one where you already look like you are happy in love, there is a natural background (like the forest, a lake, or the ocean, not a toilet stall), and you are fully clothed with none of your private parts hanging out or sticking seductively at the camera. The biggest mistake most people make is posting a picture that was taken ten years prior or using just a headshot if they happen to be overweight. Selfies are popular, but ideally, your online profile picture should not be an obvious selfie.


Excerpt from:  Increase Your Chances!  The Love Guide to Finding Your Match

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