African-american-couple-buying-homeBelieve it or not, your real estate choices can help or hurt your chances of finding long-term love. It does not matter how much you spend nor if you rent or own property, your residence represents who you are. Do you live in a small apartment, a mansion, or a fancy condo? Follow these three tips and increase the love:

1. Hold off buying your dream house until you find your dream relationship.  Buying it as a single person sets you up to be alone because a dream house is not just a financial purchase, but an investment in the life of our dreams.  If your dream includes the nesting instinct to create a home for your future family, do not start the process alone.  In addition, if it is extravagant, it can attract the wrong kind of people into your life.  You can and should invest in real estate according to your desire and capacity, but that special dream home should really be a joint decision between you and your spouse.  Do you really want to live in YOUR dream house alone for the rest of your life?

2. In your home, make sure your bedroom is set up for two. This means your bed should be an appropriate size with pillows for you and someone special.  Ideally, you should also have a nightstand for his/her side of the bed.  If you have lighting on your nightstand, make sure the other side has lighting, too. If you have a chest of drawers, dedicate at least one drawer to your sweetheart.  You can just leave it empty if you are single.  Imagine the items that the love of your life will put in there when special time is spent with you. Having soft, clean sheets is also nice.  Unless you plan to make your bedroom the main viewing area of your house, limit the size of your television and think about not having one in the bedroom at all.  Many relationship specialists believe that couples should not have a television in the bedroom. The logic is this:  do you want him or her to watch television or pay attention to you?

3. Create a romantic home environment, inside and out.  This means choosing a place that is safe and accessible.  It also means having incense, candles, special lotions, an erotic playlist, and goodies on hand for lovely evenings. Do what feels right for you.  Light candles to celebrate yourself when the spirit hits you, but make sure you also save items for special occasions.  Clear all clutter so that your home environment is clean and open, free of distractions and debris. Pay attention to the power of scent and maintain a fresh, loving scent using natural products.  Use the scents that evoke love. Create an environment that is calm, warm, and inviting.  Make sure you have items on hand to make your honey more comfortable, for example, a soft throw or extra pillow.  These small touches can make a difference.  It feels good to be comfortable and relaxed after a hard day at work!

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