Erotic PassionIt is wonderful thing when you are content in your relationship and so comfortable that you can do things together that you would normally do in private.  He walks around the house naked and she sucks her thumb when they watch scary movies.

Yet, there are some things that are better left to your own private spaces.  When you have gases coming from your body, think about picking your toenails, need to floss your teeth, or feel like eating with your entire dinner with your hands, just keep this rule in mind:  Keep it Sexy!

Once the mystery is gone, it is difficult to recover.  Respect each other’s privacy. There are things about you that are best shielded from your partner, for everyone’s best interests, especially if it creates an after-effect that can ruin your moment of togetherness. It will be difficult to set a sexy mood if you showcase habits that are just not very sensual.

Of course, we all have our quirky ways and natural bodily functions are a part of life. But you can still use discretion and keep your sexy image intact.  When you do, it’s a win-win.

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