Excerpt from Black Girls Guide: How to Find & Choose the Right Man:

Deal-breakers are clear indications of what you don’t want. Deal-breakers are just as important as your standards. They are actions that would cause you to end the relationship. When you know what your deal-breakers are, you establish your boundaries. What are your deal-breakers? Deal-breakers can be cheating, yelling (verbal abuse), hitting (physical abuse), or your deal-breakers could be related to employment or finances.

As always, be that which you seek. In other words, you cannot have a double standard and engage in those same deal-breaker behaviors yourself. That would be hypocritical.

Be reasonable and understanding with your deal-breakers. If you have a personal problem, work that out first rather than punish a potential partner unnecessarily.

Remember to be consistent with enforcing your deal-breakers because if you are not, you will lose respect and will not be taken seriously.

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