Affectionate Couple (Small)For many people, sex without love is unthinkable while others believe that physical attractiveness and good chemistry are most important.  “Good” sex is sexual activity that is stimulating, uplifting, and fulfilling on multiple levels. How you have it and with whom is your personal choice.

When sex is “bad,” it can be disappointing, abusive, and manipulative.  Like the effects of good sex, the effects of bad sex can linger.  Unfortunately, bad sex experiences tend to traumatize and last longer than good sex experiences, so be careful.

Whether you have been married for twenty years, just met today, or plan to accept an invitation to a sex party, just keep these three c’s in mind:

1. Consent
2. Communication
3. Condoms

Experts agree that the 3 c’s are essential to having a healthy and vibrant sex life.  Other c’s that are I believe are good include:

4. Connection
5. Class
6. Cunnilingus
7. Carefreeness

Ultimately, I believe that love is the best foundation for all that you do in life, including sex.  Good luck!

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