OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAExcerpt from Increase Your Chances! The Love Guide to Finding Your Match:

The future of love is here! Say goodbye to the days of meeting someone one-on-one for the first time on a scheduled date. Instead of relying on family members or friends (who may or may not have our best interests in mind), we go on group dates and rely on paid strangers and technology to assist us in making match decisions. As love evolves and we move into the next decade, I predict that we will see more niche market dating venues, more matchmaking, and, of course, more technology.

What does the future of Black love look like? Does it look like the past or something that we have never seen before? Without judgment, technology and matchmaking are exciting developments in the future of love. However, by going it alone, we are giving ourselves a lot of work to do. We are removing the very people who could help us find our match-our family and friends. Even with a matchmaker, there is an investment of your time and other resources such as money. Your due diligence in this department will go a long way.

No matter what we do, unless we are clear in our intentions and understand how these processes work, we won’t find what we are looking for. When searching, it’s okay to let others know that you are available. If they really know you, they will be an asset in your search.

In addition, many of us enter deep waters without knowing what is underneath. Most people need help navigating these new terrains. Online dating sites are not for the weak and uninformed.

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