Brain and Heart

Loving is what we are meant to do.  However, it does not always last.  Many times, it is not supposed to.  Our hearts can break and ache after love is gone.  Even at your most miserable point, know that it is temporary.  You can and will love again.  In the meantime, what do you do?

1. Relax and enjoy your single status. If panic sets in after a break-up, breathe deeply and give yourself some space before jumping back into another relationship.

2. Feel your feelings.  Happiness, sadness, and anxiety are all normal emotions to expect when a significant relationship ends, whether you initiate the break-up or not.

3. Use your support system. Experts compare the termination of a romantic relationship to a death. Family, friends, and professional counselors can help you through the grieving process.

4. Respect who you are.  Introverts tend to like being alone while extroverts prefer to be engaged in social activities.  Honor what makes you feel good and do it regularly.

5. Dedicate time to yourself.  For some of us, this means taking the time off from work and other obligations. For others, it means sleeping in, getting a massage and pampering yourself.

6. Lighten up! Do what makes my smile, laugh and embrace your inner child. Laughter is healing. Make space for fun.

7. Prepare for your next relationship.  By doing steps 1-6, you are getting ready, whether you realize it or not.  At some point, you will be ready to become part of a couple again.  With lessons learned, this one will be better because you are wiser.


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