If you grew up watching Soul Train, you probably have a different sensibility when it comes to music, dance, and live entertainment.  Of course, romance, reflected in our media, was different, too.The love we had for each other and our communities was obvious.

We held each other, danced together, and sang each other’s praises, saying “Ain’t No Woman Like the One I Got.”  We were “Tired of Being Alone,” encouraged each other to “Turn Off the Lights,”  be a “Superfreak,” and groove in our togetherness, racial consciousness, flamboyant fashion, and new-found freedoms.   Talented artists, for example, singers who actually knew how to sing, were accessible and on full display. Black Pride, exemplified in the Black is Beautiful movement, was everywhere.

We know it was not perfect.  However, it was progressive, full of love, and healthy relationships were plentiful.  Do you miss these times?


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