Smiling Black Couple

Excerpt from Black Girls Guide: How to Find & Choose the Right Man: Although enslaved Africans and African Americans formed unions and had marriages (“jumping the broom”), loving someone in the context of slavery was a risk. Your love for another could easily be exploited and used against you. Therefore, during the era of slavery, […]

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We know that you are complex and this is a simple quiz.  Answer each question honestly and to the best of your ability. I am willing to invest this much TIME to develop a new relationship: A)    0-5 hours per week B)    6-10 hours per week C)    10-20 hours per week D)    As many hours […]

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Your score should be between 5 and 20: SCORE: 5           We need to raise your Love Awareness (LA) to ensure a successful match.  See Ten Ways to Raise Your Love Awareness. SCORE: 6-10 While your LA is a little low, you have great potential. See Ten Ways to Raise Your Love Awareness. SCORE: 11-15   You are […]

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black couple cuddling

THINK LOVE.   All the time!  Be willing to open your heart to love in its most purest form.  Watch love stories. Prayers, chants and meditations may be helpful. DATE. Whether you are single or with someone, have a date night at least once each week to get to know someone better. RELAX.   Know that your most […]

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  Re-posted from my Huffington Post blog: If there was a time when we all really need a Black love story, it’s now.  However… Don’t hold your breath.  Earlier this week, the public learned about personal emails where Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin make racist jokes about President Obama’s favorite movies, […]

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 Rose Jasmine Honeysuckle Orange Lemon Peppermint Gardenia Lime Ylang-Ylang Rosemary Use these natural scents creatively on your body, in your home, or anywhere you want to increase love awareness and sensual pleasures.

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fresh honey with honeycomb, spices and fruits

Eating is necessary to live, but some of us live to eat! What foods can increase your love awareness? Raw honey Chocolate Watermelon Pomegranates Vanilla Figs Avocado Chili peppers Bananas Oysters LOVE DRINK BONUS:  Red wine

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Couple in Yellow

Sight is just one of our very powerful senses.  You can increase joy, happiness, health, and love with COLOR! Wear these colors every day to increase your love awareness.  You don’t have to wear the full color:  you may also use smaller bursts of color in an accessory like a tie, scarf or hat. Consider […]

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Barak and Michelle Obama

No matter what your political views, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have given us a powerful vision of Black love unlike any other. Many of us wonder about this seemingly perfect match, “How did they find each other?”  Most of us want the committed, healthy, loving relationship that they appear to have. African […]

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