Some of you may confuse matchmaking with online dating and wonder, what exactly is matchmaking?  Let’s see what a matchmaker does compared to online dating sites: MATCHMAKING ONLINE DATING SITES Personalized matchmaking services Self-directed profile upload and search Personal information is confidential Profile is public and anyone can see it Research and recruitment for match […]

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The Internet is great for most things, but not for everything. While we strive to find love in a digital world, realize why it might not work for you. It’s time consuming.  Research shows that people tend to get overwhelmed with too many choices. And not all profiles on a site represent paying or active […]

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Sister Breaking Out

Studies show Black women are the least desired group on online dating sites. HOW CAN THAT BE? For those Black women who’ve tried their hand at finding love online, the results may not be all that surprising. But the racial breakdown of desirability is certainly intriguing. Buzzfeed produced a video to explain the findings of […]

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Sister Getting Hug

Recent reports tell us that Black love is getting more difficult to find.  Technology, apparently, does not level the playing field: “Their generation is diverse and progressive, and they have modern love-seeking tools at their fingertips. But Black millennials seeking romance online find that it’s impossible to swipe past age-old considerations about race-based preferences, stereotypes […]

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  Excerpt from Increase Your Chances! The Love Guide to Finding Your Match: The future of love is here! Say goodbye to the days of meeting someone one-on-one for the first time on a scheduled date. Instead of relying on family members or friends (who may or may not have our best interests in mind), […]

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One Woman Many Men (Small)

The complete saying goes something like this, “There are plenty of fish in the ocean.” It is a wise proverb meant to illuminate the notion of abundance when it comes to potential relationships.  While it can be a healthy way to rebound from relationship failure, it is not a saying that one should use often […]

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When you are single, looking for a quality relationship, you don’t usually want everyone with an Internet connection to be able to see that you are, plus get intimate details about you and your process.  Love-seeking is a personal and private endeavor. When African American Matchmaking began its online membership community last month, some of […]

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Courtship is being redefined.  Is it for the better? Young 20-somethings “hang out,” opting for group socializing over personal one-on-one encounters and often engage in casual “hook-up” sex.  Texting, e-mail, Twitter or other forms of “asynchronous communication” have replaced more personal introductions. According to a recent New York Times article about courtship today: “In the context of […]

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AAM Female Members

*These are just a few of our African American Matchmaking female members African American Matchmaking maintains a national registry of eligible men and women.  Our female members are: Beautiful Professional Sexy Screened Looking for that special someone African American Matchmaking has your match! Do you want a woman of beauty, style, and substance? Are online […]

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Couple with View

Even when you have a matchmaker working on your behalf to find a loving partner, don’t stop doing your work.  A matchmaker works WITH you, not INSTEAD of you. There are many things that you can do while  your matchmaker does his/her job.  Get ready for love.  If you feel better with less weight, go ahead […]

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