Loving Couple Back to Back (Small)

Do you like being cozy and super-close to your mate?   Before you get there, you might have to date from a distance first. With African American Matchmaking, I often recommend going outside of your confined geographic area when searching for a match.  There are several reasons why this makes sense: You are already familiar with […]

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TED asked Hannah Fry to write a book on the mathematics of finding true love to explain mathematically why people who actively approach those they find attractive at parties, bars and events fare better than people who wait for others to approach them. The book, The Mathematics of Love, is the result. Interesting stuff! Hannah […]

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Love in the City (Small)

Excerpt from Increase Your Chances! The Love Guide to Finding Your Match: Strategy #1: Get out of your house. When I do leave my house, which usually means I have a meeting or a social gathering (i.e., I am forced out of my home), I meet nice men 95.5% of the time. Just because I […]

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Erotic Passion

It is wonderful thing when you are content in your relationship and so comfortable that you can do things together that you would normally do in private.  He walks around the house naked and she sucks her thumb when they watch scary movies. Yet, there are some things that are better left to your own […]

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Grand Opening Of Seamless After Hours Nightclub - Arrivals

Performed by Ralph Tresvant Listen baby Don’t even waste your tears on an insensitive man There’s better things for ya I mean, what you really need is someone who cares Someone who’s gonna be there for you Someone like me baby, someone with sensitivity, ooh Do you understand? Do you feel it? Hey, ooh, nah, […]

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Gift Giving Couple

Love is a beautiful thing and any excuse to celebrate love is usually just fine with me.  However, I understand why many people are not inspired to celebrate this famous day of love, Valentine’s Day, every February 14th. Here are five reasons why I would understand: 1. The origins of Valentine’s Day are not consistent […]

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  Re-posted from my Huffington Post blog: If there was a time when we all really need a Black love story, it’s now.  However… Don’t hold your breath.  Earlier this week, the public learned about personal emails where Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin make racist jokes about President Obama’s favorite movies, […]

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