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“Your vision to create the opportunity for love is honorable and greatly needed.” MW “Thank you so much for providing this service.  It’s very important.” KS “I enjoy the images of your site the most–I love it!” LN “When I researched matchmaking, I was excited that African American Matchmaking exists.  There is such a need.” LJ

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First, you must GET STARTED to apply for African American Matchmaking membership. When you become a member of African American Matchmaking, you join African American Matchmaking’s national registry.  This means we can match you with eligible men and women.  Your information is confidential and nothing is shared with the public. Unlike matchmaking shows on television, matchmaking is not […]

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  African American Matchmaking serves the entire United States, including the territories of Hawaii, Alaska, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.  Our administrative offices are based in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.  Known as an island of romance, St. John aka Love City, was appropriately nicknamed based on its unspoiled natural beauty. Would you like to visit us […]

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“African American Matchmaker, Angela D. Coleman, is beautiful and she makes sure her ladies are, too.  I am very pleased with the caliber of women in African American Matchmaking’s national registry.” African American Matchmaking Member “I talked with my match for the first time last night and you were absolutely right.  She is awesome and […]

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Some of you may confuse matchmaking with online dating and wonder, what exactly is matchmaking?  Let’s see what a matchmaker does compared to online dating sites: MATCHMAKING ONLINE DATING SITES Personalized matchmaking services Self-directed profile upload and search Personal information is confidential Profile is public and anyone can see it Research and recruitment for match […]

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Inspired by your first set of questions (see A Matchmaker Answers Your Questions), I am now answering a second set of questions!  1)  Is your database or the profiles posted online? As you can see from our site, no photographs or other confidential information is ever shared with ANYONE and there are no public profiles.  As […]

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No Man-No Problem!  REGISTER HERE In this FREE webinar, join African American Matchmaker & Author, Angela D. Coleman, to discuss the state of Black love, dating in the new millennium, and her new book How to Find & Choose the Right Man. Spaces are limited and registration is required. Vist African American Matchmaking and Amazon.com’s […]

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Earlier this morning, I stopped by the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) to talk about African American Matchmaking.  With Jacque Reid, we discussed Why Online Dating Doesn’t Work.  One of the most pressing questions that Tom and Jay asked was, “Where do you get your men?”  Of course, it really depends on what the client […]

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