Smiling Black Couple

Excerpt from Black Girls Guide: How to Find & Choose the Right Man: Although enslaved Africans and African Americans formed unions and had marriages (“jumping the broom”), loving someone in the context of slavery was a risk. Your love for another could easily be exploited and used against you. Therefore, during the era of slavery, […]

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Brain and Heart

Loving is what we are meant to do.  However, it does not always last.  Many times, it is not supposed to.  Our hearts can break and ache after love is gone.  Even at your most miserable point, know that it is temporary.  You can and will love again.  In the meantime, what do you do? […]

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Discontent Couple

1. Give each other time and space right after the breakup.  The amount of time and space varies and depends on the personalities and needs of the individuals involved.  It may be weeks, months, even years.  Leave him or her alone and don’t call, text, especially during the first few weeks. 2. Focus on the […]

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Affectionate Couple (Small)

For many people, sex without love is unthinkable while others believe that physical attractiveness and good chemistry are most important.  “Good” sex is sexual activity that is stimulating, uplifting, and fulfilling on multiple levels. How you have it and with whom is your personal choice. When sex is “bad,” it can be disappointing, abusive, and […]

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Loving Couple Back to Back (Small)

Do you like being cozy and super-close to your mate?   Before you get there, you might have to date from a distance first. With African American Matchmaking, I often recommend going outside of your confined geographic area when searching for a match.  There are several reasons why this makes sense: You are already familiar with […]

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TED asked Hannah Fry to write a book on the mathematics of finding true love to explain mathematically why people who actively approach those they find attractive at parties, bars and events fare better than people who wait for others to approach them. The book, The Mathematics of Love, is the result. Interesting stuff! Hannah […]

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This morning, I received an update from Facebook that included hundreds of pokes.  I usually ignore them, but then I wanted to investigate exactly what was going on. What is a poke, anyway? Since I never poked anyone, I wondered if this was a greeting ritual or method of flirting with someone using social media. […]

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Love in the City (Small)

Excerpt from Increase Your Chances! The Love Guide to Finding Your Match: Strategy #1: Get out of your house. When I do leave my house, which usually means I have a meeting or a social gathering (i.e., I am forced out of my home), I meet nice men 95.5% of the time. Just because I […]

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One Woman Many Men (Small)

The complete saying goes something like this, “There are plenty of fish in the ocean.” It is a wise proverb meant to illuminate the notion of abundance when it comes to potential relationships.  While it can be a healthy way to rebound from relationship failure, it is not a saying that one should use often […]

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