Give Yourself Time to Heal

To a large extent, most of us are “damaged goods,” meaning we had experiences that have scarred us and still affect us today.  Take time to heal. When you work on your healing, you allow yourself to be an imperfectly glorious being.  This is the key to self-acceptance, which increases feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.  […]

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Many of us have fathers who were simply not there in our lives.  We grew up with them physically outside of the home and/or mentally and emotionally unavailable.  This void has affected the way we respond to the opposite sex in our adult romantic relationships. As adults, we have to let go and move on, […]

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Is kissing a lost art?  Common in the courtship phase of dating, kissing helps you bond with your mate and has long been seen as a warm-up activity for sexual intercourse.  Women enjoy kissing more than men, right? Not true! Researchers from The Kinsey Institute in Bloomington, Indiana were surprised to find that kissing, cuddling […]

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Some of us are so particular (yes, picky!) about whom we date and spend quality time with. Of course, we should be.  No one should settle. But when is being picky just too much? When being picky interferes with our ability to find dates and committed, long-lasting partners, it can lead to frustration, loneliness and resentment.  Maybe […]

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I Want To Know What Love Is                      Foreigner                       Songwriters: PARKS, ALEX / TZUKE, JUDIE / KEARNS, GRAHAM PATRICK I gotta take a little time A little time to think things over I better read between the lines In case I need it when I’m older Aaaah woah-ah-aah Now this mountain I must climb Feels […]

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Are you still looking for that perfect someone?  What makes a partner “satisfying” vs. “perfect?” Psychologist Jeremy S. Nicholson believes: “Having a satisfying relationship doesn’t require finding the perfect partner. All it takes is using the right strategy to choose a good one. That starts with deciding on the few, specific things that you really […]

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Matchmaking is a fairly new phenomenon for a lot of people. Thinking about using one?  Here are 5 good reasons: Matchmakers provide personal services that other agencies, including online dating sites, cannot.  They get to know you as a person and are working for your interests.  That is why matchmakers typically only have a small […]

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We know that you are complex and this is a simple quiz.  Answer each question honestly and to the best of your ability. I am willing to invest this much TIME to develop a new relationship: A)    0-5 hours per week B)    6-10 hours per week C)    10-20 hours per week D)    As many hours […]

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Your score should be between 5 and 20: SCORE: 5           We need to raise your Love Awareness (LA) to ensure a successful match.  See Ten Ways to Raise Your Love Awareness. SCORE: 6-10 While your LA is a little low, you have great potential. See Ten Ways to Raise Your Love Awareness. SCORE: 11-15   You are […]

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