fresh honey with honeycomb, spices and fruits

Eating is necessary to live, but some of us live to eat! What foods can increase your love awareness? Raw honey Chocolate Watermelon Pomegranates Vanilla Figs Avocado Chili peppers Bananas Oysters LOVE DRINK BONUS:  Red wine

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Couple in Yellow

Sight is just one of our very powerful senses.  You can increase joy, happiness, health, and love with COLOR! Wear these colors every day to increase your love awareness.  You don’t have to wear the full color:  you may also use smaller bursts of color in an accessory like a tie, scarf or hat. Consider […]

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No Man-No Problem!  REGISTER HERE In this FREE webinar, join African American Matchmaker & Author, Angela D. Coleman, to discuss the state of Black love, dating in the new millennium, and her new book How to Find & Choose the Right Man. Spaces are limited and registration is required. Vist African American Matchmaking and’s […]

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How to Find & Choose the Right Man is perfect for anyone who can benefit from learning how to make wise decisions when it comes to romantic relationships.  The age-appropriateness and reading level is 9th grade and above.  Excerpt from Black Girls Guide:  How to Find & Choose the Right Man: Working with women and […]

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Earlier this morning, I stopped by the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) to talk about African American Matchmaking.  With Jacque Reid, we discussed Why Online Dating Doesn’t Work.  One of the most pressing questions that Tom and Jay asked was, “Where do you get your men?”  Of course, it really depends on what the client […]

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