Brain and Heart

While love is more heart chakra, your brain can also help illuminate truth.  Your heart is open to giving and receiving love.  Your mind is increasing your consciousness about healthy love.  Dating in today’s environment is about balancing both heart and mind. Use them both wisely!

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Brother at Sunset

Watching the sunset.  Hiking in the woods.  Swimming in the ocean.  Bonding with trees.  Seeing animals play.  Making a wish upon a star.  Being close to nature brings us closer to who we really are, which is  love.  Try this: If you date online, use a picture of yourself with a natural background as your […]

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Mom Man Girlfriend

If her mother is important to her, she should be important to you, too!  Most women value their mother’s opinion, especially when it comes to relationships. When you meet her mother for the first time, what do you do?  Her approval or disapproval can make or break you. The mother-daughter bond is usually a strong […]

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Embody Love

  “If you surrender to a power greater than yourself, which you should because to think that we are in control of everything is silly, then love and energy should be your ‘religion.’” -Danielle Paige

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Love and Success

What is the link between love and success?  Does love lead to success?  Or does success lead to love?  Is there a causal relationship? Is there even a correlation? There is no doubt that being successful can make you more attractive to some people.  Many women, for example, are attracted to men in powerful positions. […]

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Baby I just don’t get it, do you enjoy being hurt? I know you smelled the perfume, the make-up on his shirt You don’t believe his stories, you know that they’re all lies Bad as you are, you stick around and I just don’t know why If I was ya man (Baby you) Never worry […]

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Do you believe in healthy and happy marriages?  Whether you are looking to get married or “been there, done that,” these are things to think about as you set the foundation for a loving, long-lasting relationship. Solution 1: Arguing Smart Right-fighting or fighting to be right is a waste of energy and offers a disrespectful […]

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Couple Touching

  1. Celebrate your partner’s success. This makes you and your mate feel good and epitomizes the notion of partnership. 2. Say “thank you.” Expressing gratitude for both the big things and the little things that you do for each other keeps you from taking each other for granted. 3. Combine sexy with romantic. Both […]

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Reblogged from How NOT to Write a Love Letter: These dos and don’ts can help: Do… Take your time. Writing a love letter is too nice a job to rush. Share your real feelings. This is no time to be shy. Write in your own everyday voice–your reader wants to hear your voice, not an […]

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Personality Matters

It is important to keep our bodies fit and be healthy.  But self-development is not limited to the outside.  Focusing on the development of your inner self is what makes your external self shine.

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