Nubian Love

With so many books to choose from, many of us are choosing popular “urban literature” books that are easy to read and sexually titillating.  Urban literature or “street lit” is the prominent form of African American literature today.  However, the main characters often lack empowerment and their actions involve morally questionable profanity, sex, and violence.   The characters have interesting escapades, […]

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Everything Performed by Mary J. Blige You are my everything You are my everything You, my everything Everything, everything, everything It’s all because of you, I’m never sad and blue You’ve brightened up my days in your own special way Whenever you’re around, I’m never feeling down You are my trusted friend, on you I […]

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by Dr. J , Reposted in abbreviated form from Single Black Male: I was scanning the headlines a couple weeks back and I saw a few famous celebs were heading to rehab, albeit for more than the first time. I thought that the relationship most have with addiction is a lot like those who struggle […]

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Courtship is being redefined.  Is it for the better? Young 20-somethings “hang out,” opting for group socializing over personal one-on-one encounters and often engage in casual “hook-up” sex.  Texting, e-mail, Twitter or other forms of “asynchronous communication” have replaced more personal introductions. According to a recent New York Times article about courtship today: “In the context of […]

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African Heritage

The Fathers & Family Coalition of America will be hosting its 15th Annual National Conference, February 11-14, 2014 at The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa in Henderson, NV.  Conference activities include: Fatherlessness: An American Epidemic to be featured documentary film. Fatherhood Practitioners & Healthy Relationship Educator Certificate Program. NEW: SEVEN COUPLES OF EXCELLENCE: The […]

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