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Cultivation theory may be helpful to understand the lack of positive Black love images in conventional media like television: “My area of study is communications, in particular, media and interpersonal theory…  Cultivation theory speaks to the media’s influence on developing the viewers’ perspective of what they are watching on television. Cultivation theory says that television […]

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Laughing Couple

There’s SOMETHING About YOU! There’s SOMETHING about YOU that makes me smile. There’s SOMETHING about YOU that makes me want to get close to you. There’s SOMETHING about YOU that makes me think we could do great things together. There’s SOMETHING about YOU that makes me thinks you are PERFECT just the way you are. […]

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Couple at Party

While both men and women can be desperate daters,  Charyn Gant  and Dahmenah M., give specific advice to women in their book, The Game Changers: How To Date Men in the 21st Century.  They state: It could be that Desperate Dating behaviors are creating your loss of POWER.   Let’s talk about the word desperate.   […]

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