Affectionate Couple (Small)

For many people, sex without love is unthinkable while others believe that physical attractiveness and good chemistry are most important.  “Good” sex is sexual activity that is stimulating, uplifting, and fulfilling on multiple levels. How you have it and with whom is your personal choice. When sex is “bad,” it can be disappointing, abusive, and […]

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BEautiful Forest Sky

Sofia Siberia says: The things we’ve been so painfully going through for the past few months were all the effects of a massive karmic changeover of the year 2013. The History is now. Look back at your life and lives of the people you know – how many speedy changes and incredible events had happened […]

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Trustworthiness is being worthy of trust.  People can count on you to do your best, to keep your word, and to follow through on your commitments.  You do what you say you will do.  Trustworthiness is a key to success in anything you do. You are practicing trustworthiness when you … * Think before you  […]

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Love helps us heal. Love relieves stress. Love lowers your blood pressure. Love helps you be more giving to others. Giving love helps you receive love. Love boosts immunity to disease. Love cures love deprivation. Love boosts confidence and self-esteem. Love increases quality of life. Love helps you live longer. Add your own reasons with […]

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I Ain’t Movin’ Performed by Des’ree Love is my passion, love is my friend Love’s universal, love never ends Then why am I faced with so much anger, so my pain? Why should I hide? Why should I be ashamed? Time’s much too short to be livin’, somebody else’s life I walk with dignity, I […]

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